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Born in Cape Town of a French mother and a South African father, both of whom were artists, Francesca grew up in a world of colour and creativity which encouraged her to become a textile designer.


After a long career in designing textiles then art director for luxury furnishing fabrics in Paris, Francesca conjugates her professional experience with her South African origins by creating the French brand, Francesca Laubscher Origins.


Subjugated by the beauty of the nature that surrounded her in South Africa, she discovers the extraodinary graphics and sensual touch of the Nguni and silky springbok antilope. She then starts buying hides with short hair, long hair, spotted, mottled, abstract reading their patterns as landscapes – and as for the colours, from white to jet black passing through warm browns and golds.

She selects her hides with high standards and positions the patterns of the bags carefully making each bag a unique work of art.


Her collection highlights this gift from nature. Styling is simple, functional and comfortable with deliberate raw finishes. The delightful printed linings are inspired by traditional South African fabrics with small geometrical motifs.   


Production is then confided to artisans who respect sustainable development.


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